Inspired by “The Unstrung Harp” by Edward Gorey

Direction, Scenography, and Story Adaptation by Kathryn Cesarz

Mr. Earbrass – Jesse March

Narrator – James Peck

Ensemble – Kathryn Cesarz

Sound Technician – Posy Knight

Sound Design and Dialogue Editing – John March

Safety Engineer – James Hildebrandt

Magic Consultant – Nat Fitzsimmons


Alone in one’s house, not doing a whole lot; this story felt familiar after being cooped up from the pandemic over the past couple of years. A contemplative series of portraits, Gorey’s original 1953 illustrated story creates an atmosphere of whimsy and ambiguous unease. I am excited to share the lonely creative Mr. Earbrass with audiences as we crawl back out of our homes, and begin to connect with one another again. Please enjoy!

– Kathryn Cesarz

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Special Thanks to Quasimondo Physical Theatre, Dell’Arte International, The Arcata Playhouse, Leslie and Derek at Synapsis, Andrew, Claire, Marguerite Rose Hockaday, James Hildebrandt, and Peggy Phillips.

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